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Picture day
Picture Day
Concrete Revolutio is not mine

Jiro only grunted as he walked to the main room of the Bureau. Today was not the day he look forward to, not because it was particularly a bad day or anything. But it's simply that
Today is Picture day
And Jiro hates picture.
“Is it really necessary to do this?” He asked exasperatedly. Hyouma laughed a little. “What, you don't like seeing yourself in a picture, boy?” He said with a smirk. “I just think this is a waste of time, that's all.” Jiro said, annoyed. “Besides, it's just a picture, why is it so important?” “Well, there's a saying that a 'Picture is worth a thousand words.’” Said Magotake as he walked in. “It also serve as memorabilia, to make you remember any moment that is on the picture.” Emi contributes. ‘Which is why I hated it, I don't want to remember…’ thought Jiro, but he kept silent. “Okay, now that everyone's h
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Concrete Revolutio is not mine
         As soon as she waved Fuurouta goodbye, she began walking away from their meeting spot. It's been 3 years since 'that', where Jiro 'dissapears', but he didn't dissapear entirely, Kikko knew that. He's still here, she may not see him, but she can feel his presence.
Early on, she always believe that Jiro will return someday, she knew he will. But, as time flies, she began to feel worried. It's a small feeling at first, but it grew bigger every second. Deep inside she thought, ‘What if it's not real? What if Jiro has dissapeared forever? What if all this feeling is just her being delusional?’. She tried to bury this thought deep inside, she doesn't want everyone else knew her thoughts, especially Fuurouta. Boy, kid sees him as his mentor/friend. But even if she tries to do so, the said thoughts always linger in her mind.
Recalling this, she then stopped walking. She remembers her c
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Upholder of Justice
Upholder of Justice
Concrete Revolutio is not mine
  Japan is well known for everything. Be it on their Entertainment, or their tourist sites, people will know about it. But, then again, for every good publicity, there’s gonna be a bad publicity.
Which is what Japan is getting after the recent Kaiju attacks.
While the Kaijuus are often not that much of a size -most of them roughly the size of a 3 story building- it is still a big threat to their civilization, with them rampaging through the streets and destroying everything, not to mention the fear of larger threats.
And so, with the Defense Minister’s agreement, Japan has forged their two strongest forces, the ‘Ninja Police’, and the ‘Military Squad’, to form ‘Japan Defense Force’, with them not only defending Japan from Kaiju threats, but also from their own in the form of wanted criminals.
But, even though they are seen as a ‘Hero’ for
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You are My (Super)Hero
You Are My (Super)Hero
Concrete Revolutio is not mine
  It was break time at the Choujin High School. Students began to going all over the place. Some went to the cafeteria to get some food, some chat with their friends at the school park, or roof. Some just decided to stay in class. It’s all normal and peaceful. Until...
“Hitoyoshi! Get back here!”
The sound of rapid footsteps can be heard on the school hallway. Not long after, a figure -a student- with bright pink hair can be seen running on the hall, with another figure - a teacher- with blonde hair and wore glasses chasing him not far behind. The teacher’s head and shirt can be seen dripping wet. “Obey me, Hitoyoshi!” The teacher barked again, but the student only ran faster, dodging and bumping through other student who failed to notice them both. Unfortunately, either due the student having more energy, or it’s just him that is old, the teacher got ou
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LAST SONG by theundertakerwwe19-0 LAST SONG :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 1 0
Mature content
Learning to love :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 0 0
Half-Life 4....Confirmed? by theundertakerwwe19-0 Half-Life 4....Confirmed? :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 1 0 New Digimon Cast Silhouette!! by theundertakerwwe19-0 New Digimon Cast Silhouette!! :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 5 0 RIP Ultimate Warrior by theundertakerwwe19-0 RIP Ultimate Warrior :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 2 0 Let's go to the Future!!! by theundertakerwwe19-0 Let's go to the Future!!! :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 0 0 The Streak.... is over by theundertakerwwe19-0 The Streak.... is over :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 0 0 Later, Bitch. by theundertakerwwe19-0 Later, Bitch. :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 3 0
it's been 12 years.....
It’s been 12 years since that day,
But lots still feel the impact to this day,
The day where lots of people die,
The day where peoples are holding hand,
When the first plane crashed, they were scared,
When the second crashed, the’re all dead,
When the towers collapse, we’re all cry,
Because we know, the’re all die,
Fireman rush in to search who’s live,
But most of them did not breath,
But some of them still alive,
Saved by the brave, who pass by,
But even though they make it,
Most of their friends did not,
Even though the day’s long pass,
Most of us, still remember,
How a normal day, turn into nightmare.
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markiplier.... face by theundertakerwwe19-0 markiplier.... face :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 2 4 slenderman and splendorman by theundertakerwwe19-0 slenderman and splendorman :icontheundertakerwwe19-0:theundertakerwwe19-0 0 0
20 Dollars.
20 Dollars.
I was running on the wood. As fast as i can. Hoping to lose himself to the creature’s sight.
I keep running and running and running. Until i feel really tired. I was thinking that i lose from the creature’s sight.
But i was wrong.
The creature was there. Standing in front of me. I couldn’t help but to fall to the ground. I tried to back up hoping to stay far from the creature. But to no avail.
“What do you want from me?!” i said.
The slenderman didn’t reply. I sigh in defeat until he say something that surprise me.
20 Dollars. He says.
Give me 20 dollars. And i let you go. Says Slenderman.
I understand and give him 20 dollars.
“Finally, i can buy that fake mustache i’ve always wanted” slenderman says. Alright, you can go.
With a blink of an eye the slenderman dissapear and night turn into days. i was sitting there. Frozen.
“What the fuck just happened? “ i talk to myself.
I finally get out from that fore
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Draw with my mouse-2 by Koumi-senpai Draw with my mouse-2 :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 353 20 Draw with my mouse-1 by Koumi-senpai Draw with my mouse-1 :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 440 30 late at night-2 by Koumi-senpai late at night-2 :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 524 45 late at night-1 by Koumi-senpai late at night-1 :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 518 16 Let me ship Taro x Ayano in the Funny way (video) by Koumi-senpai Let me ship Taro x Ayano in the Funny way (video) :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 381 12 Kabe Don!! by Koumi-senpai Kabe Don!! :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 660 50 Do you want to play with me? by Koumi-senpai
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Hey you.
Yes, you.
You should watch an anime called 'Concrete revolutio'. It's really underrated. It has great (although complicated) story, and a lot of reference to Japanese culture. You want Kaiju? Witch? Transforming car? Timey wimey time travelling? This have all of it. It may be confusing at first, but it all (kind of) makes sense later on.
The second cour starts this April, but if you don't watch the first cour, you'll pretty much end up failing to understand.

So now, go watch Concrete Revolutio. It's really a great series that is underrated. More people should know about this anime.

Oh, and also, One Punch man. But you should already know that.


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muhamad syahdewa
a little bit about me:

- i am a moeslim
- i'm 13 years old. old enough, ain't it?
- i want to draw, but can't draw. so don't blame me if my drawing's bad.
- i'm pretty lazy, if you ask me. but i try to get rid of that habit.
- i love wrestling. especially WWE. that's where the username came from. even though i really want to change it.


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