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Upholder of Justice

Concrete Revolutio is not mine

  Japan is well known for everything. Be it on their Entertainment, or their tourist sites, people will know about it. But, then again, for every good publicity, there’s gonna be a bad publicity.
Which is what Japan is getting after the recent Kaiju attacks.

While the Kaijuus are often not that much of a size -most of them roughly the size of a 3 story building- it is still a big threat to their civilization, with them rampaging through the streets and destroying everything, not to mention the fear of larger threats.

And so, with the Defense Minister’s agreement, Japan has forged their two strongest forces, the ‘Ninja Police’, and the ‘Military Squad’, to form ‘Japan Defense Force’, with them not only defending Japan from Kaiju threats, but also from their own in the form of wanted criminals.

But, even though they are seen as a ‘Hero’ for the citizens of Japan, they also hide a dark secret among them. Nobody knows for sure what it is, for no one dares to talk badly of them. But nonetheless, as long as they do their jobs, no one is complaining.

It’s a normal day for everyone. The street is crowdy for it was a work hour. There’s people with business suit on their way to their workplace, but there’s also people also people who dress in a daily clothes, but also is working, such as selling newspapers.
Currently, the headline of the newspaper is ‘Recent rise in crime rate, Defense Minister Allows Every Method Necessary!’ One person, who is reading the newspaper while sitting on a bench, comment on the news. “Hmm, is it really necessary to allow them to do everything they want?” He asked to no one in particular. The guy sitting next to him, who heard what he said, replied. “Eh, as long as they remove those pests, i think it’s okay.” The other guy, who narrowed his eyes towards him then returned his gaze to the newspaper. “Maybe you’re right.... Hey, if you don’t mind me asking, what time is it?” The guy then looked at his watch. “It’s uh, 6.30.” “6.30? Oh god, i’m gonna be late!” The guy then rolled his newspaper and grabbed his briefcase before sprint away towards his workplace.

At the Defense Force’s HQ

The news spread quite quickly among the members, but it doesn’t really matter to them, cause it simply ‘legalize’ what they’ve been doing under the government’s nose. But still, there’s one person that is happy with the news. The person that is known for his ruthlessness and his brutality in battle, against Kaiju or human. And also known for his strict and ‘no bullshit’ personality. For some, he is adored and known as a friend, a mentor, a father figure, a leader, but for some he is feared, and known as an enemy, a threat, a nightmare
That person, is the Defense’s Force Commander, named...


A soldier came inside where the Commander is, and found the Commander with his back turned towards him. The soldier continued to speak. “The suspect, is not cooperating, he even tried to attack our interrogator.” He informed. The Commander said nothing, as he turned towards the door and walked to the Interrogation room, accompanied by the soldier. As they nearing the Interrogation room, another soldier is waiting in front of the room, and when he sees his Commander, he salute him. “Sir.” The saluting soldier then put his arm down again as the Commander face the interrogation room’s door. “I’ll take it from here.” The Commander simply said his first words. The soldier nodded as the metal door opens automatically. After the Commander got in, the door closed again. Both soldier then shares a look. “He’s so done now.” One of the soldier said. “Yep.” The other replied.

When the door closed, the suspect turned his head towards it. He saw a figure there, but can’t really see how he looks like because he is standing on the dark side of the room. Deciding to break the silence, the man then speaks. “Who are you?”. The shadowy figure stays silent, before answering. “My name.... Does not matter. But if you insist on knowing...” He then walk slowly towards the man, as his figure starts to reveal slowly, from bottom up. “My name,” He pauses, and then fully reveal himself to the man. “....Is Hitoyoshi Jiro. And in case you haven’t figure it out, i am your interrogator now.” Jiro’s golden eyes stares emotionlessly at the man, who is unflinched by his gaze.

Jiro’s eyes scan for the man’s appearance. He seems to be an aging guy, judging from the white streak on the side of his hair, a thick mustache, and a shaven beard. But even so, the man have a muscular body, large enough to lift him easily, Jiro thought. Other than that, nothing really notable. But still, he must be careful.

“So, Mister... Takahashi, am i correct? I will ask you a few questions, and you will comply and answer them, understand?” Jiro asked the man. After Jiro told him that, the man, named Takahashi, only laughed. “What makes you think that i will comply to you?” He asked mockingly. Jiro stays silent, before bending his body towards him while letting out a small wicked smile. “Believe me, you will.” He whispered. The man then let out a smile on his own. “I don’t think so.” Without warning, he then let out a left hook towards Jiro. But Jiro easily dodge it. The man then stood up and throw the table in front of him to the side so that he can attack Jiro more freely. The man then let out a few barrage of punches and hooks, but Jiro easily dodge them all due to his quick reflex. ‘For a guy his size, he sure moves quickly.’ Jiro noted. In the midst of his dodging, Jiro manages to speak. “Sir, if you don’t manage to cooperate, i will forced to use excessive force.” But the man refuse to do so,either don’t want to or he just didn’t hear what Jiro said. “You leave me no choice then.” Although not shown on his face, Jiro inwardly screams in glee. This is his favorite part that’s about to happen.

As the man still swinging at Jiro, he on purpose lets his guard down. Seeing an opportunity, the man then smirk and let out a punch towards him.

Only to be blocked singlehandedly by Jiro.

The man’s eyes widen in surprise. “W-what?” Jiro then stares at him again, only this time his eyes is more sharper. “I already said to you, you WILL comply, and you WILL answer to me, by any means necessary.” In a one swift move, Jiro punches him in the stomach with such force that it knocks his breath out. As the man is on one of his knee clutching his stomach and trying to get his breath back, Jiro waste no time and kick the man square in the face, making him fall over. “Get up. Come on, get up. Where’s that flurry punches from before?” Jiro taunts him as the man slowly get up. “You... I’LL KILL YOU!” The man then suddenly charge at Jiro, who is standing on the other end of the room. As he nearing him, Jiro didn’t flinch at all. The man then swing one of his arm at Jiro with full force, but Jiro easily dodge it to the side, making the man punches the wall instead. This gives Jiro the opportunity that he had planned. He throws himself to the ground, but before he impacts with the ground, he put his arms down on the side of his head in a bridging position, then he curls one of his leg, and then kick the man right in the elbow.

A crack can be heard after that.

The man then screamed while holding his now broken left arm. Meanwhile Jiro, who is still on the ground, then does a kip up and landed on his feet. He then walked wordlessly towards the man. The man then noticed Jiro walking at him and turned his head.

Only to be greeted with another kick to his face.

“Come on, you said that you’re going to kill me. Where’s that confidence before, hmm?” Jiro asked coldly, as the man crawled away from him. As he crawled away, Jiro only walked towards him slowly. “P-please! No more! I beg you!” The man said, but Jiro only stays silent. The man keep crawling away until he bumped to the wall. He looked at Jiro in horror as he gets closer and closer to him until he’s in front of him. Jiro then grabbed the collar of the man’s shirt, who is now trembling in fear. “I am a man of my word.” He then pulled the collar so that the man’s face is right in front of him and looked at him straight in the eyes. “When i said that you’ll talk. You will talk.” Jiro said, with the emphasis on ‘will’. “Y-yes!yes! O-okay! I will talk! I’ll talk!” The man said, while nodding his head rapidly. Jiro then keep staring at the man’s face, until he whispers, while smilling wickedly. “I’m afraid that is not enough to convince me.”

Without warning, a punch went flying across the man’s face, which makes him falls to the ground. Jiro then wasted no time and grabbed the man’s shirt, and flung him across the room.

Meanwhile, on the other room. A group of people watched what Jiro is doing through a monitor. “He goes too far again.” A male with blond hair said. His appearance -wearing a bowtie above his uniform- and short height makes him look like of a child, but he’s actually older than that.

“Meh, it’s typical of him.” A taller male with brown hair said, while smoking a cigarette. “don’t we need to stop him doing this?” A female with purple hair said. “As long as it gets the job done, i don’t think we should. Well, for now at least.” Another female with pink hair replied her question.

Back at the interrogation room, Jiro landed another kick to the man’s face. His face looked like he’s been a boxing match, bruised and swollen, while his left arm is limp and have the bone sticking out due to Jiro’s kick earlier. “ more... I’ll tell you everything, i promise....” The man begged. Jiro then grabbed his collar once again and stare at the man in the face. “P-please! I have enough! I’ll tell you everything you want, i swear!” The man begged once again. Jiro keep staring at him.

And then let him go.

“Another person will come in after this to ask you the questions. I have enough of you right now.” He then dusted both of his arms walked towards the door, but not before stopping and warned the man. “You better not do anything stupid.... Or else you’ll be facing me.” He then continued walking.

As Jiro walked outside, the two soldiers -who was guarding in front of the room- then salute him. “Tell Daitetsu to interrogate him. If he does not comply, report to me.” Jiro said simply, before walked away from the room. “Man, he sure is scary. And even scarier when he’s mad.” One of the soldier said after making sure that Jiro is out of their sight. “ He sure is. I’m glad he’s on our side.” The other soldier said. “Yeah, you wouldn’t want to mess with a guy like him.” “Yeah, but still, even though his personality is that of a strict one, he’s still our commander. And i am glad that he is.” “Yeah, there’s probably no one will ever be like him.” “I agree, even if there is, it wouldn’t be the same as him.... Hey, don’t we have to call Daitetsu to interrogate?” “Shit, you’re right. Better get moving or else we’ll suffer Commander’s wrath!” “Let’s go, quick!” And then the two soldiers ran.
Upholder of Justice
An Military AU Fanfiction of Concrete Revolutio.
The recent attack of Kaijuus and the rise of Crime Rate caused the government to create a Group to repels them. But what they did is more than just capturing criminals and defending Japan....
Idea come, inspired, and helped by :iconmimidan:
Hey you.
Yes, you.
You should watch an anime called 'Concrete revolutio'. It's really underrated. It has great (although complicated) story, and a lot of reference to Japanese culture. You want Kaiju? Witch? Transforming car? Timey wimey time travelling? This have all of it. It may be confusing at first, but it all (kind of) makes sense later on.
The second cour starts this April, but if you don't watch the first cour, you'll pretty much end up failing to understand.

So now, go watch Concrete Revolutio. It's really a great series that is underrated. More people should know about this anime.

Oh, and also, One Punch man. But you should already know that.


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muhamad syahdewa
a little bit about me:

- i am a moeslim
- i'm 13 years old. old enough, ain't it?
- i want to draw, but can't draw. so don't blame me if my drawing's bad.
- i'm pretty lazy, if you ask me. but i try to get rid of that habit.
- i love wrestling. especially WWE. that's where the username came from. even though i really want to change it.

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