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Holy hell, 'Shelter' is friggin awesome, watched it many times now. Props to Porter Robinson for the idea of making an Music Video Anime
Picture Day

Concrete Revolutio is not mine

Jiro only grunted as he walked to the main room of the Bureau. Today was not the day he look forward to, not because it was particularly a bad day or anything. But it's simply that
Today is Picture day
And Jiro hates picture.
“Is it really necessary to do this?” He asked exasperatedly. Hyouma laughed a little. “What, you don't like seeing yourself in a picture, boy?” He said with a smirk. “I just think this is a waste of time, that's all.” Jiro said, annoyed. “Besides, it's just a picture, why is it so important?” “Well, there's a saying that a 'Picture is worth a thousand words.’” Said Magotake as he walked in. “It also serve as memorabilia, to make you remember any moment that is on the picture.” Emi contributes. ‘Which is why I hated it, I don't want to remember…’ thought Jiro, but he kept silent. “Okay, now that everyone's here, let's take it, shall we?” said Hyouma, who is behind the camera. “Okay, everyone's in position, right, get ready!.” Hyouma informed, then he pressed the button on the camera, an audible ‘tick’ sound can be heard as he quickly ran to the group. “Smile for the camera.” He said, as the ticking goes faster.




Jiro stared the the picture in his hand.  He remembers that day everytime he sees that picture. How normal it is back in the day.
He always thought on returning, going back to the Bureau, just like how it was before. But as much as he want to, he knows that he can't.
He then looked from the picture, it was late night so nobody was around. But even so, the building in front of him is still lit, with the light inside still on, indicating that there’s still some people inside.
He then looked back to the picture, and gave a single laugh while smilling, and shove the picture to and his hands to his pocket, before walking away from the building. After a few steps. He glance back to building, the all too familiar building,
which is the Bureau's office itself.
Jiro stared at it, before turning his head and starts walking again.
'I guess it's right, when they said pictures is worth a thousand words…’
Picture day
It's picture day on the Bureau, and Jiro is not too happy for that.
Concrete Revolutio is not mine

         As soon as she waved Fuurouta goodbye, she began walking away from their meeting spot. It's been 3 years since 'that', where Jiro 'dissapears', but he didn't dissapear entirely, Kikko knew that. He's still here, she may not see him, but she can feel his presence.

Early on, she always believe that Jiro will return someday, she knew he will. But, as time flies, she began to feel worried. It's a small feeling at first, but it grew bigger every second. Deep inside she thought, ‘What if it's not real? What if Jiro has dissapeared forever? What if all this feeling is just her being delusional?’. She tried to bury this thought deep inside, she doesn't want everyone else knew her thoughts, especially Fuurouta. Boy, kid sees him as his mentor/friend. But even if she tries to do so, the said thoughts always linger in her mind.

Recalling this, she then stopped walking. She remembers her conversation with Fuurouta earlier, that they are going to war with the incoming invaders. She didn't doubt the other Superhuman's power and capability to fight, but she doubt that they can fight all of them, especially now that the amount of superhuman has been decreasing. As much as she didn’t want to, it is inevitable, to protect the humans, she (and the other) is willing to put everything they have.

But even so, courage and willingness is not enough, in the end, all of that will be useless if you didn't have the strength to back that up. She then put both of her hand together near her chest and look up to the sky. “Jiro, will you protect us?” she asked, not even bothering to wait for a reply. She sighed, and close her eyes.

Suddenly, a strong breeze blew by her, which didn't went unnoticed by her. She gasped a little at the sudden breeze, and then look at the sky again.

Then she saw him.

She then gasped, eyes widened as she saw the silhouette of a giant dragon in the sky. As she realized this, she then smiled. She then nodded, and continue walking, her old thoughts now gone. From this point on, she knew, that Jiro will always protect them, no matter what, as long as they believe in him.
'He'll answer a voice calling him out, like how superhumans are.’
Hey you.
Yes, you.
You should watch an anime called 'Concrete revolutio'. It's really underrated. It has great (although complicated) story, and a lot of reference to Japanese culture. You want Kaiju? Witch? Transforming car? Timey wimey time travelling? This have all of it. It may be confusing at first, but it all (kind of) makes sense later on.
The second cour starts this April, but if you don't watch the first cour, you'll pretty much end up failing to understand.

So now, go watch Concrete Revolutio. It's really a great series that is underrated. More people should know about this anime.

Oh, and also, One Punch man. But you should already know that.


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muhamad syahdewa
a little bit about me:

- i am a moeslim
- i'm 13 years old. old enough, ain't it?
- i want to draw, but can't draw. so don't blame me if my drawing's bad.
- i'm pretty lazy, if you ask me. but i try to get rid of that habit.
- i love wrestling. especially WWE. that's where the username came from. even though i really want to change it.

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